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The Coming Fight Between Engineers And Druids

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Paul Saffo, na conversa anual do

There are two kinds of fools: one who says this is old and therefore good, and the other who says this is new and therefore better. The argument between the two is as old as humanity itself, but technology’s relentless exponential advance has made the divide deeper and more contentious than ever. My greatest fear is that this divide will frustrate the sensible application of technological innovation in the service of solving humankind’s greatest challenges.

The two camps forming this divide need a name, and “Druids” and “Engineers” will do. Druids argue that we must slow down and reverse the damage and disruption wrought by two centuries of industrialization. “Engineers” advocate the opposite: we can overcome our current problems only with the heroic application of technological innovation. Druids argue for a return to the past, Engineers urge us to flee into the future.



Cem dispositivos telepáticos, reconstruídos

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“Reconstrução de protótipos de invenções usadas durante a criação do Filme Telepático das TRIBOS PERDIDAS.”

Tea leaves

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via Rob van Kranenburg.

Datamining is a very old practice. Before people had computers to compute databases with, they read their tea. Or better the leaves left in the cup afterthey had drunk their tea. Hmm!

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Magic Box

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No site do Smartlab:

The MAGICbox workshop is a SMARTlab research and development centre located in the MAGIC room. MAGICbox enables fabrication of computer-generated models, with the goal of developing accessible systems for desktop manufacturing, peer production and digital materialization. We are interested in the application of this technology to disadvantaged population groups.

Magia no cotidiano?

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When Arthur C. Clarke went to the great geosynchronous orbit in the sky last year, he left behind a huge legacy, not least of which was a quote oft cited by Silicon Valley visionaries and wannabes. “Any sufficiently advanced technology,” the sci-fi master wrote in 1962, “is indistinguishable from magic.”

But now my daydreams are different. As technological magic becomes routine, I wonder whether a visit to a preindustrial society might teach me more than it teaches them. The only thing more fascinating than our technology is the idea of getting along without it. Maybe the way to recapture the magic is to turn all that stuff off.


But what happens when magic is an everyday occurrence? Consider that the Flip MinoHD—a once nearly unobtainable piece of technology—is now a 3-ounce knickknack. Better yet, it’s rendered so elegantly that its coolness is baked in, not slapped on. Barely a minute after opening my review unit, I had the gizmo fired up and ready. My first experiment was to grab a long tracking shot through the rows of Wired’s cubicles. I downloaded the footage and was impressed that all was captured as planned. However, the handheld image was a bit shaky … maybe too vérité. As a result, my first thought was not so much “What hath God wrought?” as “What? No image stabilization? Where’s the built-in steadicam?”

We all, I think, have become inured to Moore’s law. The astonishing advances that once would have brought us to our knees are now reduced to a thumbs-up on Gizmodo. They’re removed from the realm of magic—they’re just cool gear.

Which brings me back to Sir Arthur. His quote makes me think of the European explorers who encountered previously unknown tribes. I used to imagine what it would be like to venture deep into the bush and unveil my latest gadget—a digital tape recorder, an iPod, an electric toothbrush.

via Steven Levy on How Gadgets Lose Their Magic, na Wired.


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H3X3N is a collaborative computer witchcraft club from Chicago, Mexico City Mexico and Linz Austria, is currently composed of Mark Beasley, Sandra Rosas Ridolfi, jake elliott, tamas kemenczy, Alex Inglizian, Nina Wenhart and jonCates.



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A criação do mundo em linha de comando: