Zodíaco Satelital

A partir das conversas do MSST sobre o vídeo Satélite Bolinha de Bruno Vianna (em que lá pelas tantas se fala em “Astrologia Artificial”), Alejo Duque mandou o link do Satellite Zodiac de Max Neupert:


Satellite Zodiac

The Super Mario satellite constellation

Satellite Zodiac is a taxonomy of satellite constellations to give satellites visibility and meaning. Satellites can either stand still relative to our position or move on asynchronous paths with different speeds depending on their orbital type. The constellations are therefore determined by time and location. They are ephemeral by nature, existing only for fractions of a second. A theory of satellite constellations must allow for those special circumstances of moving objects in different orbital planes.

Satellite Zodiac is an installation where motor controlled laser pointers display the current position of up to 12 moving satellites in our field of view in real time plus the belt of geosynchronous satellites – the satellite milky way. Just like in a planetarium where the star constellations can be displayed, illustrative interpretation of the emerging (satellite-) constellations explain their meaning and reflect our technological contemporary mythology. The C64, iPod, Gameboy, Polaroid and Walkman are among zodiac symbols of satellite constellations


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